The Inked Barista

Last Fall, I was on assignment at Area Four, a restaurant/cafe in Kendall Square. While shooting photos one morning in the cafe, I noticed that one of the baristas had a pretty sweet arm sleeve and finger tattoos. I thought it would make a great visual to capture her pouring a drink, so I waited until someone ordered a cortado and got my shot. Over the next few weeks, I went back to this image again and again, and began thinking about a new project - purely personal, just for fun, and a combination of my love for coffee and photography. The Inked Barista.

The only (major) wrinkle was that I wasn't personally acquainted with any tattooed baristas, so I had no one to shoot. I'm not the most extroverted person I know, but I had to set my shyness aside. I mainly took to social media, contacting strangers out of the blue in the hope that someone would a) respond and b) say yes. I didn't know what to expect, and to my surprise no one turned me down. In fact, everyone was enthusiastic about the project and excited to be involved. The baristas who took part were extremely generous with their time and I made some great connections - not in a business sense but in a very human sense. It confirmed my belief that coffee people are the best people. 

To see a selection of images from the series, check out the gallery here. The project is ongoing, so if you know anyone who would be interested in participating, drop me a line.